Corporate Bodies presents: The Hudsucker Proxy (Coen Brothers)

TheHudsuckerProxy PosterBoy, are we pleased to be able to announce the screening of The Hudsucker Proxy at our Corporate Bodies Film Fest. Yes, that odd Coen brothers film that somehow fell between two stools: “too sunny for the cult audience the Coens had built up but a bit dark and clever-clever for a larger one”. “While not to everyone’s tastes, this is without doubt one of the most exhilarating films of 1994.” Why? “The filmmaking Coen brothers make dark, startling, wittily extravagant sport of the American Dream. The movie is opulent and wry, a bitingly intelligent fable about business and romance“.

The Hudsucker Proxy is about Norville Barnes, a graduate from the Muncie Business School of Administration. In order to make a career he moves to New York and finds a job at Hudsucker Industries. He starts in the mailroom but knows that he will be successful, as he has an amazing idea. It is a circle drawn on a small piece of folded paper. He gets his break when they appoint him as the new president of Hudsucker Industries. The previous CEO has just jumped out of the window after the announcement that they are all ‘loaded’. It suggests defenstration as a new style in management. Norville, as the new CEO, gets the opportunity to realize his dream and produce the circle, which turns out to be the hula-hoop. This is accompanied by a very strict R&D process, and marketing campaign. It displays how rational calculative way of doing business is championed, or maybe not? Meanwhile Norville’s ‘right’ hand man Sydney Mussburger has set up a cunning scheme to manipulate the stock market. Sydney also shows us the relevance of the cigar in organization. It is a world ruled by skyscrapers, cigars and hula hoops. Will Norville and Hudsucker Industries be successful with his hula hoop, for kids?

Come and see it in The Hague!



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