“Just because they serve you doesn’t mean they like you”

Clerks PosterPlease welcome Dante and Randall to Corporate Bodies. Dante runs a local convenience store. Randall ‘manages’ the adjacent video-store. Both of them are more occupied with what goes on in their lives, or more specific: what they are longing for, or what they should have done.

Why Watch Clerks?

“Randal is a beautiful hostile piece of work that only could have come from America. He’s the sort of guy who never put in a quality day at the office in his life, but somehow probably winds up winning the biggest lotto drawing ever with a ticket he stole from his loser best friend’s Quickie Mart.”

great invention, a natural feel for human comedy, and a knack for writing weird, sometimes brilliant, dialogue.”

Rough around the edges, it’s humor decidedly sophomoric in parts. But that’s part of its charm.”

Come and see it. Or twice.


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