Corporate Bodies brings you the European premiere of Executive Koala

executivekoala001_big“If you thought nothing could surprise you anymore about Japanese cinema, then experience the films of Kawasaki Minoru” – Leeds Film Quarter (UK) 

Don’t miss out on this one.

Becoming-animal, rage, and the body are concepts which are visualized in this extraordinary film from Japanese director Minoru Kawasaki. A director who made classics like: The Calamari Wrestler, Pussy Soup, Everything sinks but Japan, Monster X strikes back, attack of the G-8 summit, or The Rug Cop. In Executive Koala he investigates how we create identities in business? How should we behave in office interactions? How do we handle the unpredictable and the unknowable? We witness the koala as a manager, trying to behave in a ‘normal’ fashion, just like any other manager would do. Trying to be really human, like humans behave, like managers behave, but still trying to be normal like the next koala. We see the koala manager performing the required work-ethic, just like a xerox copier. But is the koala also a murderer? Is the manager a killer? Are these perhaps certain hidden requirements? Are they blocked from consciousnesses? Is the koala’s memory programmed? Is the manager’s memory programmed? All this and more unfolds in Executive Koala.

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