Hot News: The Naked – Dutch Premiere at Corporate Bodies Film Fest

TheNaked Screenshot1x1The infamous Polish film The Naked, a psychological film, will be screened at the CORPORATE BODIES Film Fest. The film deals with the day to day musings in an office, apparently your everyday to day office. Computers don’t work, telephones are ignored, the ‘new’ girl is abused, the boss is a bullying lunatic, and the only relevant topic seems yesterday’s episode from their favorite soap opera: The Surgeons, and whether or not they will operate. Nothing special going on so it seems, besides that everyone is naked. But no sex, because it’s a psychological film.

For those who are into organization, psychology and naked people, this film is the ultimate treat, the definite eye-candy. The great news is also that the film can be consumed twice during the CBFF.

Check the program, get your tickets on time and don’t forget to come naked.


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