Only at Corporate Bodies: Cosmopolis (David Cronenberg)

Cosmopolis Screenshot1x1Diamond-hard and dazzlingly brilliant, David Cronenberg’s film plays like a deeply perverse, darkly comic successor to Videodrome.” (Slant Magazine)

Conventional it is not. Engrossing it is.” (Wall Street Journal)

“COSMOPOLIS, an adaptation of Don DeLillo‘s typically provocative novel of the same name, is the first feature film since 1999’s eXistenZ that filmmaker David Cronenberg has directed and scripted. This in part explains why COSMOPOLIS is such a triumph: it’s both an exceptional adaptation and a remarkable work unto itself. Everything matters in Cronenberg’s COSMOPOLIS but not everything is necessarily the same as DeLillo’s book. And that makes the film, as a series of discussions about inter-related money-minded contradictions, insanely rich and maddeningly complex. We can’t wait to rewatch it.” (INDIEWIRE)

So…. come (re)watch and discuss it. Tickets now available!

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