Naked News: Director Witold Swietnicki (PL) at Corporate Bodies

Witold SwietnickiWitold Swietnicki will be joining us at the CBFF, and even better he will be there for the entire Fest. Witold became (in)famous with his first film The Naked, a psychological film. A film about an office, where everyone is naked, but without sex because it’s a psychological film. Provoking the Hollywood role-models and beautification standards, Witold shows us ‘normal’ day to day people. Those you would actually see working in an office. They are comparable to the actors in a film like Office Space or the sitcom The Office, except they’re naked. Witold will join us in discussions, debates and after parties and maybe convince us that the only way to get around is being naked. Whether he will come naked is yet to be revealed.


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