Hot News: Tom Mes Special Guest at the CORPORATE BODIES FilmFest

We are proud to present Tom Mes, the Takashi Miike expert extraordinaire, as one of the speakers on the CBFF. Tom has written 2 astonishing books, Agitator and Re-Agitator, on the work of this extravagant Japanese director. He has also contributed to a double CD with music inspired by Miike’s work. Takashi Miike has already made more than 100 films in a 30 year career.

Responsible for classics such as Audition, Agitator, City of Lost Souls, Graveyard of Honor, 13 Assasins, Yatterman, the superhero film Zebraman, his newest release Yakuza Apocalypse, or the ultimate claasic Ich the Killer. Tom will talk about Miike’s films and how they relate to the world of organization and the body. Whether or not Tom will hand out barf bags before the screening of the Miike film is still a mystery.

Join us and get your tickets while they’re hot and available.



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