Hot News: Gawie Keyser at the CORPORATE BODIES Film Fest

CBFF is proud to present Gawie Keyser as speaker. Gawie writes about film and popular culture and is a regular contributor to the radio program of ‘Omroep Human’.


He is an active blogger and interested in the relationship between philosophy, reality and fiction. His first book ‘Encyclopedie van de Populaire Cultuur’ (Encyclopedia of popular culture) is a collection of essays in which he explores the types and tropes of quality popular culture. His first novel ‘The dark side of the street’ was described as: ‘Strangely intoxicating, like when you’re enticed to finish watching a B-movie that flaunts with the borders of good taste’.

In 2012 he received the Louis Hartlooper Prize for Film & Life. Gawie will introduce one of the surprise films, and what a surprise it will be!! After the film he will conduct a discussion on the themes of this film and the corporate body as it will be exposed during the Film Fest. Don’t miss it, don’t forget to fasten your seat belts and get your tickets while they’re hot and available.


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