Hot Hot Hot, Hotter than Hell News: the YAKUZA is coming to get you at the CORPORATE BODIES Film Fest


You’re in trouble, in deep deep deep trouble, and don’t say we didn’t warn you. You, we’re all are expecting ICHI to come and get us, to go for our throats, and tear them right open. What a relief would that be, but no, that’s just when the trouble starts, when you expect trouble, but you’re getting the worst of the worst instead. Just like in any organization you can never trust trouble when it’s coming to get you. It will go for the throat, behind your back, a suckerpunch.

We only know one thing for sure at CBFF, hiding is pointless. The YAKUZA will come and get you, and they will come on thursday evening, just after Tom Mes has hopefully warned us, not that warnings will save any of us, so beware, although you won’t stand a chance. They’ve even scared of ICHI. We talked to ICHI, but we couldn’t reason with him anymore, and he took the first plane out of here. We‘re all by ourselves now, but we’re also all in this together, and we all know we’re going down, but as long as we do it in style, we just might enjoy it.

Don’t miss it .. and … don’t miss it, don’t forget to fasten your seat belts and get your tickets while they’re hot and available. Unfortunately weapons are not allowed, but we got each other, don’t we ….

Warning: CBFF can not be taken responsible for any physical or mental damage caused by this film.



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