FREE Organisational Constellations workshop at Corporate Bodies

Foto Cynthia 1On Thursday 11 FEB, please join us for an Organizational Constellations workshop by Cynthia van der Zwan

starts: 13:15 (free entrance)

where: Filmhuis Den Haag

In this workshop a specific organizational dilemma/theme/question of one of the participants is explored, using a organizational constellation. An organizational constellation is an instrument that helps to gain insight into the dynamics of a organizational system. It helps to reveal (hidden) patterns and can clarify for instance relationships between departments, different management levels but also between the company, products, clients etc. A constellation can also provide insight in societal themes and its impact on a certain organization or organizations. The obtained insights help in working towards sustainable solutions in daily practice, with in many cases less effort needed.

About Cynthia van der Zwan

Cynthia van der Zwan is a organizational psychologist and coach. The last 15 years she has gained wide experience in the field of human behavior and behavioral change within organizations. For 10 years Cynthia worked as a management consultant at Holland Consulting Group. Since 2015 she works as an entrepreneur and is the owner of inPerspectief. Clients often ask Cynthia to help them develop personal leadership and management development programs and design in company training programs in the area of change management, coaching and leadership skills. In personal coaching sessions Cynthia helps individuals to increase their effectiveness and personal power. The last couple of years Cynthia is particularly inspired by the systemic way of looking at organizations. She is trained in systemic work and in facilitating organizational and family constellations.

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