FREE workshop: corporations in the head. Only at Corporate Bodies

Eefje Cobussen and Esther KroonOn Friday 12 FEB, please join us at the ‘Corporations in the Head’ workshop by Esther Kroon & Eefje Cobussen

starts: 16:00 (free entrance)

where: Filmhuis Den Haag

What does it mean to organize and be organized? That’s the question of this filmfest.

Are you aware of how corporations influence your beliefs? In this workshop you embody the messages of organizations in your head. Through investigating personal stories we discover how to change our behavior in relation to corporations.

Participatory drama is an inter-active tool to engage in dialogue and problem analysis.

Eefje Cobussen and Esther Kroon use the participatory drama technique ‘Corporations in the Head’ to facilitate you to be confused again, question your basic assumptions about corporations and deepest beliefs in a playful way.

Corporations in the Head is developed by David Diamond, artistic director of ‘Theatre for Living’ based in Vancouver, Canada.

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