Hot News: Anke Strauß at the CORPORATE BODIES Film Fest

Anke Strauss2CBFF is extremely proud to present Anke Strauß as speaker. Anke Strauß works as a researcher for critical perspectives on entrepreneurship and work-life balance at the European University Viadrina. She is interested in relationships between the art and the business sphere. After earning her PhD at the University of Essex, examining different attempts of collaboration between artists and a business organization, she worked at the WZB Berlin Social Science Centre, Germany. At the WZB she engaged with different aspects of artistic interventions in organizations, including the processes and dynamics of an artistic intervention in an organization, issues of evaluating such initiatives, as well as the work and roles of intermediaries. In collaboration with a performance artist, she is currently working on artist-run organizations and the performativity of utopian thinking for (re-)organizing cultural labor.

Anke will introduce the films Lights in the Dusk, The Hudsucker Proxy & The Naked, and she will give the opening lecture and the workshop ‘Naked Truths’ (together with artist Debora Dax). Anke will also participate in the debate: ‘What’s wrong with you ??? Anke is one of the co-organizers of the CORPORATE BODIES Film Fest and will be available for inspiration, discussion and all the other good things which the Fest has to offer and which carry on deep into the night.


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