Hot News: Luc Peters at the CORPORATE BODIES Film Fest

Luc PetersCBFF is extremely proud to present Luc Peters as speaker. Luc is a philosopher and writer. His book (PhD) Cliché & Organization, thinking with Deleuze & Film is published in the Netherlands (2014). The book was nominated for Book of the Year by OOA in the Netherlands. An English version will be released in 2016 via Cambridge Scholar. The book deals with film, isomorphism, trees, rhizomes, nomads, hyalosigns, Tarkovsky, eXistenZ, architecture, The Big Lebowski, Frank Lloyd Wright, prairies, Heidegger, Playtime, cubicles, Sloterdijk, managers, and much more. His books In the Mirror (together with Dr. Anthony R Yue), and Frank Lloyd Wright – NOMAD will also be released in 2016. A novel with the working title FooTprinTs is under construction. He is a regular at various conferences like EGOS or SCOS. Besides writing, he works as a manager, consultant, teaches at a business school, is a guest-lecturer and a hardrock-drummer.

Between his travels and adventures, Luc lives and works in the Netherlands. He goes berserk when he sees cool movies or amazing architecture and some other stuff too. Luc will introduce the films Executive Koala, High & Low & The Naked, and he will conduct the debate on Saturday at 15.00. Luc is one of the co-organizers of the CORPORATE BODIES Film Fest and will be available for inspiration, discussion and all the other good things which the Fest has to offer and which carry on deep into the night.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you in advance … and … don’t miss it, don’t forget to fasten your seat belts and get your tickets while they’re hot and available.


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