what: a fair fight

when: Saturday 13 FEB

starts: 15:00 (free entrance, own risk)

Swords will be shaken and shields will be splintered on this day where the sky will color red, and we are all in the arena awaiting the devastating battle. Four people will enter. In one corner there is Steve Linstead, in another we find Anke Strauß, then there is Rombout van den Nieuwenhof, and last but not least Witold Swietnicki the director of the Naked. They will debate about the collision of film and organization and how the body plays its (naked) part. Luc Peters will take a shot at conducting this event and will try to steer it of the rails asap, asking questions like: Why should organizations even care about film? What is the organization needed to make a film? what can one learn from the other? Why is the body such a crucial element of organization and film? Should we all get naked? More questions like these will be thrown into the debate arena. In the arena these four willing victims will go for broke in this gut wrenching, mind boggling, nerve wrecking orgasm of words which leaves no winners but will leave them at rock bottom, relentlessly. Sweat, fists, cursing, shouting, screaming, kicking, scratching, all this and more at the CBFF debate. Whether or not the participants will debate naked is yet to be revealed. Negotiations are on the way. Don’t miss it and don’t forget audience participation is allowed, but only naked … and … don’t forget to fasten your seat belts and get your tickets while they’re hot and available, and don’t say we didn’t warn you …

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