Hot News: more exciting speakers at CORPORATE BODIES Film Fest


peter-verstratenMeet Peter Verstraeten, he is assistant professor and current chair of the Film and Literary Studies bachelor program, and head of the MA program of Film and Photographic Studies at Leiden University. He is the author of Film Narratology (2009), Humor and Irony in Dutch Post-war Fiction Film (2016) among other books and articles. He co-edited Shooting Time: Cinematographers on Cinematography (2012) with Richard van Oosterhout and Maarten van Rossem. He will introduce the film Workers.


Then there is Gyuri Vergouw, who is a management consultant, economist, supervisor, public speaker and writer of Dutch-Hungarian descent. He has lectured on management issues in countries as diverse as South-Korea, The Netherlands, Suriname and England, both for profit and not-for-profit organizations. He has published nineGyuri Vergouw promo foto 2CROP books and over 500 articles on management issues since 1996. His book De Strafschop (2000, The Penalty) gained him his nickname ‘Professor Penalty’, international recognition and over 500 interviews (a.o. ITV, Cannel 4 and almost all major Dutch and Belgian Media). His latest publication ‘Het dodo-effect’ (The dodo-effect, 2015) deals with the dark side of organizations. Vergouw also organizes the Dutch Air Guitar Championship since 2003, and was board member of one of the worlds best known rock venues Paradiso. His favorite movie is The Seven Samurai by Akira Kurusawa. He will introduce the film The Wolf of Wall Street.


Foto Warner Boer Corporate Bodies_CROPThen there is Warner Boer. He is a teacher in the vocational education, currently in the retail department. He divides his working time between teaching language skills, coordinating the exams and mentoring retail students and trainee-teachers. Before that he was a communications consultant and trainer for 15 years. Warner will give a blistering introduction to Chaplin’s classic Modern Times, Last but not least CBFF is extremely proud to present Mr. & Mrs Gray , who work and live together in Den Haag, the Netherlands. Their work is about possibilities, chances and new adventures often to be found in the smallest and most trivial things. They do not believe in complaining and despairing over everything that’s wrong, but in focussing on what there is to work with and figure out how to turn it into something better. They attended the Willem the Kooning academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and have participated in various events in the Netherlands and abroad, and have worked as consultants for various institutions and companies. They will give a mindblowing introduction to Jacques Tati’s magnum opus Playtime.

Don’t forget to get your tickets while they’re hot and available.


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