Corporate Bodies: where film meets organization

There is a large variety of beautiful, scary, hilarious, unsettling (art house) films that inform us about organizational life. Its bright and its dark sides, its people, its systems, its possible futures and heritages, its spectacles and bare lives, its hopes, dreams, its games, lusts and greed.

The most exciting of these films often highlight aspects of organization that receive little attention in mainstream management literature or academic texts. Exploiting the absurdity, ambiguity, non-sense or irrationality that is also inherent to the world of organizations, filmmakers cater to those who want to rethink organizations, business, management or leadership.

Filmmakers invite us to be confused again, to question our basic assumptions and deepest beliefs, and to develop and discuss new perspectives on what it means to organize and be organized.

Corporate Bodies creates an opportunity to seize upon this potential of film. It wants to explore how create new ways of generating knowledge on organizational life by pushing its participants out of their comfort zone and into the zone of thought and debate.

Corporate Bodies is a gathering of students, scholars, artists, directors, writers, managers, CEO’s, politicians and above all: film aficionados.

Corporate Bodies: films, discussions, lectures, thinking, performances, workshops, food, drinks, dancing, relaxing, and all those other things that make a film fest a real fest.

Corporate Bodies was founded by dr. Jacco van Uden (The Hague University of Applied Sciences), dr. Luc Peters (independent researcher), dr. Anke Strauß (European University Viadrina) and dr. Claudia Schnugg (Ars Electronica). But it would have been nothing without the help of our colleagues and (student) volunteers. Two thumbs up!