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Clerks is a movie about 2 friends, Dante and Randall. Dante runs a local convenience store. Randall ‘manages’ the adjacent video-store. Both of them are more occupied with what goes on in their lives, or more specific: what they are longing for, or what they should have done. Especially Dante is unsatisfied and tries to find ways to come to terms with his expectations of life. Randall on the other hand is happy with what he has, or at least pretends to be. He has no ambition, knows he has a shitty job and is not afraid to make that clear to his customers. He goes with the flow. Dante on the other hand is basically unhappy with whatever he does or has achieved. He tries to rock the boat. Unsuccessfully however. He tries to be nice to the customers, but the customers disrespect him. The customers also disrespect Randall but he doesn’t care. In this 16 mm, low budget, black & white first film of Kevin Smith we see the day in a life of Dante & Randal, and how they are harassed by local dope dealers Jay & Silent Bob, girlfriends and ex-girlfriends, milkmaids, necrophilia, a Russian metal-singer from Moscow, who performs his song Berserker in front of the store and many more characters who might enter the store happy, but which mainly leave angered. It sketches the daily hassle of clerks.


Genres: Comedy

Director: Kevin Smith

Duration: 92 min

Release: 1994

Language: English