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Modern Times


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The film opens with the image of a giant clock indicating that the dominance of the time-clock is all encompassing. The film displays the modern times as ignited by the industrial revolution and consumerism. We see Chaplin at work on the conveyor belt in a giant factory. Whatever this factory produces is irrelevant. We see how there is panoptical power through omnipresent big screens – the all seeing eye of the boss is always watching. We see Chaplin struggling the conveyor belt and see how human behavior disrupts the apparent logic of this mechanization. It is the era of Fordism and of the machine slowly taking over and shaping the future. We see how the conveyor belt becomes the model for organization. We see how Chaplin is the cog in the machinery. We see how man and machine intermingle. We see how his body evolves and adapts the movements and tics of the machine. We see him being harassed by a feeding machine and how he eventually disrupts the machinery, escapes the factory, ends up in prison and in the end finds love, but no money.



Genres: Comedy, Drama

Director: Charles Chaplin

Duration: 87 min

Release: 1936

Language: English