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The Naked: A Psychological Film



An ordinary day at the office. Computers don’t work, telephones are ignored, the ‘new’ one is bossed around, the boss bullies, and there is a lot of gossiping going on, and maybe most important there is plenty of discussion on yesterday’s episode of everyone’s favorite soap series: The Surgeons. The main question in the Surgeons is a real cliffhanger: ‘Will or will they not operate?’Just a regular day at the office, except that everyone is naked. It is a situation comparable as seen in the BBC series The Office, or the film Office Space, or any other film about offices, except the people are not wearing any clothes. There is however no sex, because it’s a psychological film. There is talk about sex when they turn on the radio show: ‘Intimate Questions’, but this doesn’t lead to sex in the office, only to more gossip. What is important to mention is that these naked people do not resemble the Hollywood ‘role-models’. No, they’re all regular, ‘normal’ people, with the normal aging and weight issues and wrinkles, when you probably don’t want to see wrinkles. They seem to be just the people which inhabit any everyday office. Their bodies are exposed and in the focus of attention, and there is a lot of talk and mainly gossip about looks, (over)weight, or fitness. Just a regular day at the office, or so it seems.



Genres: Comedy, Drama

Director: Witold Swietnicki

Duration: 89 min

Release: 2002

Language: Polish (with English subtitles)