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The Wolf Of Wall Street

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The film depicts the world of virtual money and business. It is the world of Wall Street and its stockbrokers. It shows the sweatshop-like work conditions of the Wall Street boiler rooms and how the inhabitants get addicted to the game of money, sex and drugs. It displays the lunacy, wildness and recklessness of the stockbrokers and how they shape the capitalist world of consumption. It is the life story of Jordan Belfort as it is told in his autobiography. It tells his rise to fame as the wolf of Wall Street and how he gets addicted to cocaine, alcohol, sex, ferrari’s and especially money. We see how he gets a seemingly unorthodox training by his senior and whether or not he believes in calculated planning. We see how drugs play a decisive role in his success. This provoking portrayal of the business world sketches a radically different picture than the one we can learn about in textbooks. Jordan is young, fast. slick, ambitious and knows how to sell, but he’s also a drugs, alcohol and sex addict, but he gets away with it and is extremely successful. It is not just him being a bad apple in a beautiful paradise, but just part of society which makes certain things possible, or not. It is a world where morale has become obsolete. When he goes to prison at a certain point he finds out that the difference between inside and outside is regulated by money, and as he has plenty of that, for him the difference is absent.



Genres: Biography, Comedy, Crime

Director: Martin Scorsese

Duration: 180 min

Release: 2013

Language: English