CB Dates 11Feb


Anke Strauß and Jacco van Uden

Starts: 10:00 (free entrance)

Corporate Bodies was born out of boredom. On a conference, where organisation scholars and practitioners we supposed to meet to share the latest insights of their work, the founders of Corporate Bodies found themselves in a situation, where multiple speakers (mis-)used their bodily co-presence for a seemingly never-ending performance of self-worshipping. Leaving their bodies sit there, whilst zooming out, the founders of Corporate Bodies decided not to return to the session after the break but to keep on talking about more exciting things – like movies and what one could learn about organisational life when watching them.



CB Dates 11Feb


Cynthia van der Zwan

starts: 13:15 (free entrance)

In this workshop a specific organizational dilemma/theme/question of one of the participants is explored, using a organizational constellation. An organizational constellation is an instrument that helps to gain insight into the dynamics of a organizational system. It helps to reveal (hidden) patterns and can clarify for instance relationships between departments, different management levels but also between the company, products, clients etc. A constellation can also provide insight in societal themes and its impact on a certain organization or organizations. The obtained insights help in working towards sustainable solutions in daily practice, with in many cases less effort needed.

CB Dates 11Feb


George van Houtem

starts: 20:30 (free entrance)

You can’t always get what you want. Or can you?

Come listen to what George van Houtem has to say about to how to win people over. The unwritten rules of influencing and the dirty tricks of negotiating – George van Houtem knows them all.

CB Dates 11Feb


Debora Dax & Anke Strauß

starts: 21:30 (free entrance)

When do we feel naked? What makes us feel naked? Can we also feel naked without being naked? Are there different kinds of nakedness? How is nakedness connected to bodies? In which way is nakedness linked to places? What is the particular kind of nakedness that organisations produce or prevent?

In our workshop, we provide different experiments to engage with these questions – both theoretically and practically, to test, think and reflect on our bodies in different kinds of organised settings. Just drop by and explore the naked truths

CB Dates 12Feb


Esther Kroon & Eefje Cobussen

starts: 16:00 (free entrance)

What does it mean to organize and be organized? That’s the question of this filmfest.

Are you aware of how corporations influence your beliefs? In this workshop you embody the messages of organizations in your head. Through investigating personal stories we discover how to change our behavior in relation to corporations. Participatory drama is an inter-active tool to engage in dialogue and problem analysis.



CB Dates 13Feb



starts: 13:15 (free entrance)

Play Time is about disrupting patterns and looking at the world from an up-side down perspective.
This workshop is about seeing the world through the eyes of Monsieur Hulot from the movie Play Time. To see past what is, imagine the things that could be and to let yourself be surprised.
CB Dates 13Feb


Dominique Darmon

starts: 11:00 (free entrance)

When organizations go through a crisis or change such as a merger or reorganization, gossip is particularly widespread. Organizations are often advised to establish formal policies in order to avoid unwanted gossip. However is gossip not inevitable? And is it always negative? Or may gossip actually strengthen the workplace, for example, by creating a sense of unity? Using specific cases and examples from films, this workshop will give you an overview of the research that has been done on gossip in organizations and describe the mechanisms of gossip when it occurs. Could one use gossip effectively to get ahead or to survive office politics?

CB Dates 13Feb


a clean fight

starts: 15:00 (free entrance, own risk)

Swords will be shaken and shields will be splintered on this day where the sky will color red, and we are all in the arena awaiting the devastating battle. Four people will enter. In one corner there is Steve Linstead, in another we find Anke Strauß, then there is Rombout van den Nieuwenhof, and last but not least Witold Swietnicki the director of the Naked. They will debate about the collision of film and organization and how the body plays its (naked) part.



CB Dates 13Feb


Gawie Keyser

starts: 16:45 with an introduction to our surprise film 3. Get your ticket here, you will be thrilled. Then continues around 19.15 in STUDIO B (free entrance).

It’s always tempting to introduce yourself with: ‘Please allow me to introduce myself… ’ But that would be running the risk of the audience filling in the rest (‘… I’m a man of wealth and taste/I’ve been around for a long, long year/Stole many a man’s soul to waste… .’ and so on.) Although, wouldn’t that be fitting: telling you I’m going to ‘steal your soul’. Because that’s exactly what I plan to do during one of this years most exciting film festivals in The Netherlands: Corporate Bodies.

Rest assured: the stealing will only for a little while. At the very least I’m going to break in, try to pry into your mind, and see what’s going on. And I promise I’ll give everything back once we’re finished.

My performance is called Gawie Weet Raad, in Dutch. There is no English title. Maybe something like: Gawie Knows Best.